Our History


Where it all began...

In 2004 we had the vision to create a small campground with just 25 sites.  That also happened to be the same year we were married.  So a lot of exciting things happened in 2004!  We had no idea where to begin and no idea how far it would take us.  Sites filled quickly, and new sites were added every few years in sections.  Now we have 160 sites and are blessed with so many wonderful campers that have turned their sites into such cozy and creative dwellings.  We are also blessed with two children that have become such a huge help in operating our beautiful business.  We truly are family owned and operated.  We've been in charge of the construction, design, labor, sales, marketing, and daily operations from the beginning.  It's always been our mission to create a "Happy Place" for families and friends to create a lifetime of memories.



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Additional Information


Large and Affordable Sites
Our sites are large 50 x 80 Sites with plenty of room for your family to stretch and relax.  The site prices range anywhere between $2,400 - $3,500 a season.  The variety in price is due to the privacy of certain sites.  We leave them for you to design the way you want them to look.  We are very flexible on site design.  Build a shed, deck or patio.  Whatever your heart desires to make you comfortable is what we encourage at In The Pines Seasonal Camp-Resort.  We are a seasonal campground so your family will get the privacy they deserve.  You won't have someone living next to you every other day, but will instead have neighbors that stay.

Camping Units
We have a variety of camping models in the campground from park models to travel trailers.  We also have a few campers that occasionally sell their units to move up to different units.  So if you are looking for a camper, please check out our In The Pines Buy, Sell & Trade Facebook page.  If you don't yet have a camper we would advise giving Friendship RV a call.  They do a great job and have made many campers happy at In The Pines.  We are a family-owned and operated business.  We understand the expenses that families have to face.  For that reason, we keep affordable rates.  We don't believe in unexpected and very high rate increases.  We do our very best to keep vacationing with your family affordable for you.  Some of the sites are priced differently depending on where the site is located in the campground.  Sites that have a bit more privacy are a bit higher in cost.  If you would like to get more information on the price of a site you are interested in please set up an appointment.  We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.      

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We provide you with a gravel pad for your camper.  If you would like to purchase extra gravel we can have it brought in and will spread it for you.  If you would like green grass we can spread it for you at our cost.  We just ask for 2 sprinklers and 2 hoses, which will be returned to you after your lawn is finished.  We will seed the lawn and help you keep it watered for the first year.